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Help Us Provide Much-Needed Service Dogs to Children with Disabilities

Become an SDCD Affiliate

Become an affiliate in SDCD is one of the best ways to support our work. Your tax-deductible affiliation donation provides financial support that allows us to care and provide properly trained service/assistance dogs to children who need the dogs to enhance their quality of life. Your affiliation dollars are used for training; veterinary wellness visits; shots and preventative medications; spaying and neutering; medical care, such as treatment for heartworm, and other health issues, including surgery to improve the dog's quality of life; as well as food, crates, beds, bowls, collars, leashes, toys, transportation, and grooming while our dogs are in foster homes waiting to be paired with a child.

You do not have to live in Idaho or California to become a SDCD affiliate. We have affiliates from all over North America.

Boy with Service Dog

Boy with Service Dog

Affiliate Benefits Include:
Subscription to Our E-Newsletter, "Canine Watch" - As a subscriber, you will receive updates on SDCD activities, read heartwarming service dog placement stories, and find valuable health, behavioral, and safety information for all dog owners. Invitation to Join Our SDCD Email - We will share news about our placement efforts and volunteer opportunities and have fun exchanging stories about the dogs in our lives. Open Invitation to Participate in All SDCD Social and Fund-Raising Activities - Activities include our annual benefit auction, picnics, dog walks, and other opportunities to socialize with SDCD affiliates and volunteers.

Program Costs

Our family is just like yours. We would do anything for our children, but we have financial limitations just like you. SDCD was started to help families in the Boise area reach the goal of acquiring a service dog that they previously couldn't obtain due to the exorbitant cost. We rely solely upon donations from individuals like you and organizations that want to help families provide the necessary tools for their children so they can have a better quality of life. Donate today so we can provide another child with a much-needed service dog.